Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash (天外魔境真伝 Tengai Makyō Shinden?), literally 'Devil's World Outside of Heaven - The True Legend' is a fighting game developed by Racdym[1] and published by Hudson Soft for the arcades and Neo-Geo in 1995. It is based on the popular Japanese console RPG series Tengai Makyō.[2]


Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash is a 2D fighting game, similar in play style to Samurai Shodown or The Last Blade, but with the addition of various power-ups and very over-the-top anime-style special moves.[2]


Kabuki Klash is set within the land of Jipang (a reference of feudal Japan). The story follows warriors, often swordsmen, in battles against a range of often comical villains.



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VideoGames reviewer Tyrone Rodriguez gave it the game score of 8 (Great), adding: "With its gimmicks and blinding visual style, Kabuki Klash is tremendously fun" (the other editors' ratings were 8, 8 and 5).[2]

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